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Stanley the travelling snail

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pick up your home and go

anywhere you like? I believe being locked down in a mobile

home would have been much easier to endure! As a teacher, my

lockdown ended a bit sooner than others and I’m fortunate to

work with an amazing group of ladies who made returning to a

‘bubble’ a lot less painful than it could have been. It is now the

summer holidays and as a thank you gift I’ve made them each a

little travelling snail! We stay in touch through social media and

I get daily updates on their little snail friends as they go about

their travels this summer! Who will you make a travelling snail for?


• about 8g of 4ply yarn in at least 2 contrasting colours.

I used a combination of left over Sirdar Snuggly 4ply and Peter pan 4ply to create

the snails in the pictures. (If substituting DK yarn, use 3.5 mm needles instead.

You’ll have a slightly larger snail!)


3 mm Straight needles

Other supplies:

Toy stuffing

Tapestry Needle

2 small safety eyes (6 mm diameter)


13 cm long from tip of antennae to end of body


[ ] x times: Knit the instructions between the brackets x amount of times.

; rep from to end: Repeat the instructions between the * and ; until the end of

the row.

st(s): stitch(es)

K: knit, if followed by a number, knit that amount of stitches

P: purl

St st: stocking stitch: alternate a row of knitting and a row of purling.

K2tog: knit two stitches together knitwise.

P2tog: purl two stitches together purlwise.

Kfb: knit in the front and back of the stitch, creating an increase.

Pattern instructions:


Using chosen shell colour, cast on 20 sts

Row 1-50: St st 50 rows.

Cast off and using mattress st sew along the side seam. Stuff lightly and roll up, securing with a few stitches along the way.


Using chosen snail colour, cast on 24 sts.

Row 1-30: St st 30 rows.

Row 31: [K1, kfb , k1] 8 times. 32 sts

Row 32 and all even rows: P.

Row 33: [K1, kfb , k2] 8 times. 40 sts

Row 35: [K2, kfb , k2] 8 times. 48 sts

Row 36-42: St st 7 rows.

Row 43: [K2, k2tog, k2] 8 times. 40 sts

Row 45: [k2, k2tog, k1] 8 times. 32 sts

Row 47: [K1, k2tog, k1] 8 times. 24 sts

Row 49: [K1, k2tog] 8 times. 16 sts

row 51: [K2tog] 8 times. 8 sts

Break yarn and thread through rem. sts. Pull tight and

fasten. Using mattress st sew along the side seam and

stu . Attach 2 safety eyes and embroider a smile. Close

the cast on edge and secure to the shell to the snail.

bend the snail upwards and secure the side of the head

to the side of the snail.

Antennae: make two

Cast on 8 sts in the same colour as body

Row 1-4: St st 4 rows.

Row 5: [Kfb ] 8 times. 16 sts

Row 6: P.

Row 7: [K2tog] 8 times.

Break yarn and thread through rem. sts. Pull tight and

fasten. Using mattress st sew along the side seam and

secure to the top of the head.

I hope you will enjoy knitting your own little travelling snails! Please note: no part of this pattern may be reproduced or sold without consent.

© Copyright 2024 Cilla Webb - Cilla’s Purls

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