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February Toy Mystery Knit Along

It's time for another MKAL and this time, my littlest munchkin has chosen which creature we'll be making. He asked me for this specific critter a little while ago and I couldn’t get him off the needles quick enough! I'm not kidding... I haven't even managed to take a decent picture of him yet... he's been that busy being dragged all over the house!

My little munchkin isn’t the only one who’s been busy. I’m currently training to a become a teacher of the deaf and have had the privilege of working with some extraordinary people. I didn’t know much about deafness and its impact before working in a primary school with hearing impaired children and have been on this amazing learning journey ever since. I’ve started to learn sign language and have learned how challenging it can be to communicate when spoken word isn’t always an option. Two inspirational people I’ve met along the way are running the London Marathon to raise money for charities close to their heart. This pattern will remain free, however, if you can, please donate to either (or both) of these charities (please click to be redirected): Signhealth and Guide Dogs.

Yarn requirements:

30g Wendy Merino DK Funghi 15g Wendy Merino DK Barley A small amount of dark brown yarn


3.5 mm straight needles 3.5 mm dpns (to make icords) Toy stuffing Tapestry Needle 2 6mm safety eyes 1 8mm safety nose (Please replace the safety eyes and nose for embroidery if you’re planning on gifting this toy to a small child)


Clue 1: 3rd February Clue 2: 10th February Clue 3: 17th February Clue 4: 24th February

Feel free to join my Ravelry group here so you can post about your MKAL progress and chat along with us!

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