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New Addition!

A few years ago, I designed a lovely little princess blankie toy for my baby niece Scarlett. When a dear friend of mine became a grandma a few months ago, I figured it was time to design a little prince to match.

What do you think?

He's soft and squishy and just right for itty bitty little fingers. Additionally, he's knitted in superwash yarn, which is a must for babies!

In case you're eager to get started, here is some more info on this pattern:

Yarn requirements

50g Wendy Merino DK Dutch Blue 25g Wendy Merino DK Birch (beige) 25g Wendy Merino DK Barley 10g Wendy Merino DK Persian Red 10g Wendy Merino Dk Jet (black) Small amount of yellow ( I used Maize but this shade is discontinued. A suitable substitute would be Corn but it is not as vibrant)

Necessary tools

4mm and 3.5mm straight needles (this pattern can easily be adapted to knitting in the round if that's your preferred method) Tapestry needle Toy stuffing

Now this handsome little fellow isn't the only new addition around here. I've upgraded my website a little bit so that you can now purchase your patterns straight from this website without being redirected to other platforms. I'm still trialing it at the moment so if there are any hiccups, please do let me know so I can iron out the kinks. You can contact me by leaving me a message on my blog.

That's all for today! Thank you for your time :)

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