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About a year ago, I had this crazy idea to knit an alphabet of under-represented creatures and promptly started out with A is for Axolotl. Life got in the way, but Im still determined to finish my alphabet... even if it takes me a decade (or two). Anyway, Im proud to present to you... (drumroll please!): B is for Blue Footed Booby. This quirky little bird is known for its vibrant feet and can be found on the islands in the tropical eastern pacific.


This pattern is knitted flat and seamed



20g King Cole Moments Beaver (Brown)
25g King Cole Moments Cream (Beige)
20g King Cole Moments Grey (Light Blue)
20g King Cole Cherished Sea Breeze (Light Blue)
10g King Cole Cherished Nickel (Light Grey)



3.5mm Straight needles

Other supplies:

Toy stuffing
Tapestry Needle
Two 12mm Toy Safety Eyes


20 cm (sitting) - 25 cm (standing)



[  ] x times:  Knit the instructions between the brackets x amount of times.
* ; rep from * to end: Repeat the instructions between the * and ; until the end of the row.
st(s): stitch(es)
K: knit, if followed by a number, knit that amount of stitches
P: purl
St st: stocking stitch: alternate a row of knitting and a row of purling.
G st: garter stitch: knit every row
K2tog: knit two stitches together knitwise.
P2tog: purl two stitches together purlwise.
Kfb: knit in the front and back of the stitch, creating an increase.
Pfb: Purl in the front and back of the stitch, creating an increase.
Skp: Slip the next stitch from the LH needle to the right hand needle, knit the next st, pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch, creating a left leaning decrease.



B is for Blue Footed Booby Knitting Pattern PDF bird amigurumi

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