A few years ago, I designed a cheeky little Christmas elf called FizzWizz. He's been a firm favourite with my boys at Christmas time but I felt he was always a little lonely. FizzWizz needed a friend and partner in crime. Santa decided that this year, Trixie should come and join the fun. She's a mischievous little elf who loves to play at night when all the children are sound asleep. Why not knit a Trixie for yourself and see what she gets up to?


Yarn requirements

50g Wendy Merino DK Barley
50g Wendy Merino DK Green Apple
50g Wendy Merino DK Persian Red
50g Wendy Merino DK Birch



3.5 mm Straight Needles
Toy Stuffing
Tapestry Needle
Crochet Hook
One Small Button

Trixie the Christmas Elf