I have to admit, Easter is probably my favorite time of the year, especially now that I have children. The boys love to hunt for hidden treasures in the garden and it gives me an excuse to overindulge in chocolate!
What more could you ask for?

Yarn requirements:

  • 100g Wendy Merino DK Funghi (light brown)
  • 50g Wendy Merino DK Birch (beige)
  • Scrap amounts of Wendy Merino DK Jet (black)and Carnation (Pink)

Necessary tools:

  • 3.5mm straight needles (this pattern can easily be adapted to knitting in the round if that's your preferred method)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Toy stuffing
  • Crochet hook (to create the eyes)

Bubbles the Easter Bunny