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New pattern: Beekeeper Tomte Gnome

Hello my dear friends,

It’s been an exhausting summer and I can’t wait to get 2021 behind me. I’ve had to say goodbye to my grandmother and my 15 year old cat Boomer and just recently recovered from Covid (hubby’s fault… he shared his germs).

The new school year is starting and as always I’m a nervous wreck! I don’t think I’ll ever get over the new school year jitters… Zander is going to be 13 next month and I’m so not ready to be the mum of a teenager! Send help! My little Taybug is in his penultimate year of primary school and is also growing up way too fast.

It’s not all doom and gloom though… We got a new kitten over the summer (to make up for having to double self isolate at the start of the holidays and not being able to travel anywhere this year). The boys are smitten with little Loki and he has captured everyone’s hearts (even Odin, our dog who wants to constantly lick him!)

I have also (finally) finished my latest pattern ‘Beekeeper Tomte Gnome’ and it is available in my Ravelry store!

Enjoy a 50% discount on all my patterns until the end of this week! (No coupon required)

Here’s hoping all goes well on Monday :D

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